Moorage a9

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Moorage a9

Koth map centered around a docked ship

After many hours of grumbling over cubemaps and content packing, I am finally ready to release my first map on TF2Maps! It's a king of the hill map centered around a ship docked at a boathouse of some sort. I've tried to experiment with a bit of everything so I can get a bit of experience. Let me know if you find something wrong or have any suggestions on something I should change!

Special thanks to tyler for his tutorial and to the makers of the bulletcrops pack!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to version a9

    Updated to version a9 Demolished some walls in the attic of mid building to open it up a bit (don't worry I have a permit) Rearranged spawnpoints to nerf sightlines so afk people don't get headshot if some idiot holds the spawn door open Other...
  2. Updated to version a8a

    I've returned to this map because I feel with my new experience I'll be able to make it a bit better. Changes include: Reworked the interiors of the spawn areas Added new platforms to the loading dock areas to replace the lazily clustered crates...
  3. Updated to version a7

    Updated to version a7: Removed open windows near sniper balconies at mid Extended planks between boat and piers to cover more of the gap Changed medium health kit underwater to a full health kit Some optimization improvements (maybe... let me...