Moorage a9

Koth map centered around a docked ship

  1. Updated to version a9

    Updated to version a9
    • Demolished some walls in the attic of mid building to open it up a bit (don't worry I have a permit)
    • Rearranged spawnpoints to nerf sightlines so afk people don't get headshot if some idiot holds the spawn door open
    • Other very minor changes
  2. Updated to version a8a

    I've returned to this map because I feel with my new experience I'll be able to make it a bit better. Changes include:
    • Reworked the interiors of the spawn areas
    • Added new platforms to the loading dock areas to replace the lazily clustered crates
    • Extended the docks at mid and adjusted cover around the point
    • Made the small rooms near the battlements less cramped
    • Adjusted environment lighting, added shadow control and env_sun


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  3. Updated to version a7

    Updated to version a7:
    • Removed open windows near sniper balconies at mid
    • Extended planks between boat and piers to cover more of the gap
    • Changed medium health kit underwater to a full health kit
    • Some optimization improvements (maybe... let me know how it plays out)
    • Roofs!
  4. Updated to version a6

    • Made capture zone slightly larger
    • Lifted the boat up a bit
    • Tweaked lighting around the map
    • Moved walls near northern spawn entrances and closed one of the doorways to the "rowboat" room; experimenting a bit with the layout
  5. Updated to version a5

    • Changed layout around northern side of map and some of mid
    • Tweaked lighting in some areas
    • Tweaked capture zone and added hazard tape around the point
    • Added a few areaportals
    • Nobuilded water at mid
  6. Updated to version a4

    Updated to version a4:
    • Edited spawns to be more centered
    • Replaced boat model with a collisions fix by DioJoestar (no longer blocks bullets in odd places)
    • Moved crates around mid so they don't block view of the point coming from the middle route
    • Added fences around mid
    • Decreased point capture time by 17%
  7. Updated to version a3a

    • Did some basic texturing
    • Placed patches underneath health and ammo kits
    • Added nodraw surfaces to smooth out displacements in basement areas so engineers can build there
  8. Updated to version a3

    Updated to version a3:
    • Major layout changes
    • Redid building at mid
    • Added small windows to the walls near sniper balconies at mid
    • Adjusted health and ammo packs
    • Fixed areaportals in doors
  9. Updated to version a2

    • Turned the boat around and moved it closer into the boathouse
    • Extended the land out and added some cover around the point
    • Made water near spawns shallower and added ramps to get out
    • Added some crates, etc in buildings near spawns
    • Adjusted health and ammo packs
    • Adjusted spawn points to focus less on one exit
    • Attempted to optimize with hint brushes and areaportals