Monttu A6

Somewhere out in nowhere, a pit needs to be blown up.

  1. Alpha 6 -- Which happens first? I hit Beta or run out of room on the spire?

    • Adjusted roundtimes
    • Gave BLU 1min more to attack with (5:30 from 4:30)
    • Capturing A gives 3:30 now (B and C up to 4:00)
    • Adjusted geometry at C
    • Adjusted item kits at the A-B corridor
    • Adjusted item kits at C
    • Adjusted geometry at last
    • Made something spin that didn't spin before
    • Finally remembered to give BLU's first spawn a soundscape
    • Fixed a case where the round ends a bit late when BLU takes the final point
    • Fixed a leak that wasn't...
  2. Imagine having to hotfix an alpha map

    • Fixed amazingly terrible lighting (Somehow I never noticed until it was almost too late)
  3. Alpha 5

    • Clipped a tire to stop people getting stuck on it
    • Altered respawnwavetimes again
    • RED's respawnwavetime raised to 9
    • BLU's respawnwavetime raised to 3
    • BLU's respawnwavetime goes up to 4 when C is captured
    • Altered additional time bonuses to be less generous
    • Altered geometry at B, C and last
    • Reshaped BLU's first spawn a bit
    • Made the sidedoor leading to last one-way from RED's side
    • Fixed a case where BLU could build in spawn...
  4. Alpha 4 -- Give RED a chance and a terrible idea

    • Removed the MvM Tank SFX due to the confusion it caused
    • Removed some flank routes to give RED an easier time on defense
    • Flank route leading to B and C now opens when A is captured
    • Removed some doors at A
    • Removed one of the gates at the front (they felt unnecessary)
    • Raised BLU's respawnwavetime to 3 (was 2 earlier)
    • Lowered RED's respawnwavetime to 8 (was 10 earlier)
    • Reshaped the area at A
    • Reshaped the area a bit at B
    • Reshaped the area around C
    • Added a...