Monttu A9

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Monttu A9

Somewhere out in nowhere, a pit needs to be blown up.

A rather simple Payload map, where BLU sets out to push a bomb into a pit that RED keeps building for their bases. It's like a vicious cycle of explosions.
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 9 -- Musical chairs with skybox textures

    Changed skybox to Gold Rush's after considering that the current lighting doesn't really fit Gravel Pit's skybox Finally adjusted BLU's first spawn to not be ridiculously large Adjusted lighting at the lower route leading to B Adjusted clipping...
  2. Hopefully less one-sided

    Alpha 8 Lowered RED's respawnwavetime to 7 Removed 30sec from the roundtime Removed some stairs from the BLU side of A Relaxed the clipping at A a wee bit since there was a spot that didn't really need it Adjusted geometry at B Added a...
  3. Seven is the seventh number

    Swapped over to Gravel Pit's skybox Adjusted geometry at A, C and last a bit Extended a walkway at B for sake of seeing how great of an idea this is Removed the Cactuscanyon-style finale Made one of the buildings at last inaccessible since it...