Moldergrove rc3e

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-Greatly simplified 3v3 logic; works exactly the same as before, but remaining fringe occurrences of spawning in the same cage as another player have been eliminated

-Fixed an oversight causing 3v3 winners to be killed rather than teleported back to the map as intended

-Minor visual fixes

To-do: Fix occasional cases of HUD showing one or two more 3v3 players to be dead than there actually are (only affects HUD, not the outcome of the 3v3)

-Fixed portals not closing off as intended for a team once that team's 3v3 slots have been filled

-Fixed an issue that prevented kritz from being given out to the winning 3v3 team

-Fixed HUD occasionally displaying a death icon before the 3v3 battle has begun

-Winning the 3v3 will no longer cause the HUD to show that all 3v3 participants have died
rc3b-- The Hud Update! (The Hudpdate)
-Game text notifications that previously displayed how many players have joined the 3v3 have been replaced with a shiny new 3v3 HUD panel! In addition to showing which player slots have been filled, the new HUD will also update to display the status of each player as either dead or alive as the 3v3 progresses. Remaining game_text has been pared down to be clearer and to display only the most essential information while being as unobtrusive as possible (though more may be integrated into the HUD soon). The 3v3 icon from the HUD panel will also spawn at the center of each 3v3 entrance portal as further visual guidance.

-Players who die in the arena while the 3v3 is still gathering players will now reset their slot upon death, allowing another player from their team to replace them and ensuring that battles always begin with 3 players on each side.

-Reworked the portal system! Previously, portal entrances to the 3v3 were split between two teams, with players only being allowed to enter portals of their respective team color. Now that the status of each 3v3 team is conveyed through a HUD panel, however, this stipulation is no longer necessary; players can now join the 3v3 through any of the 5 portals that spawn throughout the map.

-And other miscellaneous polish!



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-2v2 is now a 3v3 to give battles some more depth and strategy, and to allow more players to participate at a time

-Reduced number of 3v3 portals spawning on each side from 3 to 2

-Increased length of 3v3 join phase from 20 to 30 seconds

-Added 3v3 info to the generic koth HUD intro text

-Fixed mini-battles giving kritz to both teams regardless of who won

-Players will now be temporarily locked in place and view in the seconds before the 3v3 begins to prevent cheesy strategies like insta-sniping

-Added 3-2-1 countdown text in the seconds before the 3v3 begins

-Fixed players spawning in the same cage when the 3v3 begins on rare occasions

-Fixed a bug in which players who joined the game after someone left the game wouldn't be detected by certain 2v2 (now 3v3) logic until the next game round began

-"Battle forfeited" outcome that occurs when not enough players join the 3v3 now reads "Battle cancelled"

-Fixed 3v3 battle player slot notification sometimes remaining on screen for a while after a 3v3 has been filled or forfeited

-Engineer buildings built in the underworld while waiting for 3v3 participants will now be destroyed when the battle begins

-Underworld soundscape should now begin faster upon entering the underworld

-Minor polishing

Coming soon: custom 3v3 UI!