Miss Pauling Annoys Everyone [SFM]

Miss Pauling Annoys Everyone [SFM] 2017-02-13

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Miss Pauling Annoys Everyone [SFM] 2017-02-13

Miss Pauling is dorky, cute and very..very annoying. Just ask Engie.

You know Miss Pauling? Yeah, the dorky assistant to the Administrator which gives you contracts in TF2. Well... she's...um...how can I put this lightly...hilariously annoying.

Made for the TF2 72hr Winter Jam. I streamed the entire creation process on my Twitch

EDIT (19/02/2017): You can view the speed art below: Should be up in a moment, but here's my speedart of the short I made for the Jam:
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huh, always thinking about pauling's contract