Miss Pauling Annoys Everyone [SFM] 2017-02-13

Miss Pauling is dorky, cute and very..very annoying. Just ask Engie.

  1. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah
    You know Miss Pauling? Yeah, the dorky assistant to the Administrator which gives you contracts in TF2. Well... she's...um...how can I put this lightly...hilariously annoying.

    Made for the TF2 72hr Winter Jam. I streamed the entire creation process on my Twitch

    EDIT (19/02/2017): You can view the speed art below: Should be up in a moment, but here's my speedart of the short I made for the Jam:

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  1. Mr.Lol
    Version: 2017-02-13
    huh, always thinking about pauling's contract