tf2 art jam 72hour

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  1. Mg3Ca(CO3)4

    Very soon 15 years of the game! T T T TF2 !!! 2022-07-25

    Very soon 15 years of the TF2!!! Hairy TF2 minion style ! For #tf2jam 2022 ! Sorry for the slight delay. Hope for a commemorative medal! :333
  2. Tesla⭕⃤Kvant_Jack⭕⃤

    Love TF2 ! 2022-07-24 TF2Love-edition))

    My Art especially for the festival of creativity TF2jam !!! TF2 ! TF2 ! Team Fortress 2 ! Love TF2! Love TF2! LoveTeam Fortress 2! ^______^" The style of this illustration was inspired by the furnishings and style of Sherlock Holmes's apartment.)) Стилистика данной иллюстрации была...
  3. dumbldee

    le helen 2019-08-04

    i bet she had a hard day an entry to 72 h jam
  4. yar1337

    My TF2 OC 2018-07-29

    co-author :
  5. Bunnymann

    Map maker A2

    A digital drawing made on the Ipad-pro app "procreate". Its a drawing of the engineer building a map for the tf2jam. i lost track how long it took, because i took to many breaks between the work sesions. i put a reference to expiration date in the drawing.
  6. TheSpyCrap

    Christmas Comes Early this Year 2017-08-06

    Mad about it being summer, and not winter? Here, have a gory shot of a rather-festive red soldier giving a floored blu soldier a shotgun induced haircut. There isn't very many posters that expand upon the cool (hehe) lighting you can make with the festive lights in SFM. I also thought that with...
  7. Golden Mann.

    Flare Face 2017-08-05

    I hope you enjoy :D I felt really bad so I couldn't make that good of an SFM.
  8. IrishDarky

    Chicken Delight! (TF2 72 hr Summer Jam) 2017-08-05

    Hey decided to chip in a bit of SFM art this year and I made a kind of goofy pic of the scout eating some chicken, took about an hour and I think the end product is pretty decent!
  9. Buddermilk

    Leftover in Borneo 2017-08-05

    This is a heavy sitting in Borneo, one of my favourite maps. Yes, I drew over Borneo, I am not competent enough to draw it without. If I did, I would look worse.
  10. ★ŠcarSher [R.A.S]

    AngrySniper 2017-08-05

    The most dangerous thing that can be found in the Siberian forests.
  11. Detonator

    (POSTER)Just chillin...You know...Like the old times :D 2017-08-05

    I made this with SFM and this is not my first poster. I really like this game and yeah. Hope you like it and enjoy :) It's not the best.I know:)
  12. Detonator

    A simple poster :) 2017-08-05

    This is a simple poster. I made it because i love doing posters and I love playing TF2. Hope you like.It's not the best because i saw some mistakes now but yeah. Enjoy and good luck :).
  13. Mond

    72hr [ART] Watercolor Med a1??? lol idk

    since i recently started trying digital art again and this tf2jam thingy appeared on steam, I just said ''why not?''. It's probably transparent. not sure actually :confused:
  14. Mikester39

    72hr TF2 Classes take to the sky! 2017-02-13

    Classes that can fly (not all of them), added the heavy as a bonus :) The image was not finished in time, i was going to digitally work on it but i have run out of time for that. Steam URL is
  15. WaveRobin

    72hr Tf2jam 2017-02-13

    I'm not sure if this spot is just for maps but eh....
  16. Ursy

    72hr Ursy's TF2JAM entry 2k17 2017-02-13

    made in pencil and pen, painted with watered down inks. My brown ink wasn't made for being diluted for skin tones and fought me every step of the way. Made in my A5 sketchbook. Big thank you to Phoenixfire~thewizardgoddess on tumblr for suffering through me annoying her at completely...
  17. Arventus

    Nice job ando go to lunch 2017-02-13

    Nothing better than a lunch after taking the checkpoint, right?
  18. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Miss Pauling Annoys Everyone [SFM] 2017-02-13

    You know Miss Pauling? Yeah, the dorky assistant to the Administrator which gives you contracts in TF2. Well... she' can I put this lightly...hilariously annoying. Made for the TF2 72hr Winter Jam. I streamed the entire creation process on my Twitch EDIT (19/02/2017): You can...
  19. therealKx3D

    Minimalist Pyro 2017-02-12

    I haven't made any TF2 related artwork for a long time, so I used the 72 Hour TF2 Jam as an excuse to make something. It's my first time making minimalist art, so your feedback is appreciated!
  20. Akuam

    72hr Teamwork. Entry 2. 2017-02-12

    Teamwork; Made in Source Film Maker and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Posing, Lighting, Photoshopping is all mine. Map is from the workshop and can be found here (Made by Sedimentary Socks) : Thanks for your time ~