Mirrored Maps - Series 2

Mirrored Maps - Series 2 Final

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Mirrored Maps - Series 2 Final

By Khuntza


Mirrored versions of 2Fort, Badlands and Granary maps.

After the surprise success of the first Mirrored Maps Pack, I now present Mirrored Maps Series 2.


Mirrored Maps Series 2 was going to be geared as a competitive play pack. It was originally going to contain a mirrored version of well but it turns out well is pretty much symmetrical and the effect would have been pretty weak.

A Mirrored Maps Special Edition competitive map pack has been released for the Ozfortress community and features Ozfortress branded cap points. The pack contains new mirrored maps cp_sdnaldab, cp_yranarg and brought back cp_tiplevarg from Series 1.

The Ozfortress Pack promotion page can be found here.
The release of this pack can be viewed on Ozfortress here if anyone is interested in seeing how it was received by the competitive community.

With tiplevarg already released in Series 1 a third map was needed to complete the 3 map pack for Series 2. 2Fort, love it or hate it, is still the most played map in TF2 and has been faithfully mirrored to round out the Series 2 release of Mirrored Maps.

New in the Series 2 maps are mirrored models. While I was able to get away with using the existing models in the Series 1 maps (at the expense of some sniper spots in the rocks on Badwater) it was clear that I was not able to do the same in Series 2. Badlands wouldn't have worked with the spire model being around the wrong way, neither would the last point of Granary had the stairs faced the opposite direction. If there is interest I'd be happy to release the models Ive mirrored so far (approx 10 models).

I'm planning on releasing a 3rd series of Mirrored Maps also, Goldrush is a definite.. probably Hydro.. A few people asked for Gorge previously.. I'm open to taking suggestions/requests for other mirrored maps. As before though, I wont be mirroring any of the official community maps without the expressed permission of the original mappers.

Anyways, I hope everyone finds these maps as much of a 'mindfuck' as the first series, and that people find as much enjoyment in playing them as I do in putting them together.

DISCLAIMER: I don't like modified Valve maps. Night versions, theme changes, added routes; they make me cringe. I understand that being edits to Valve maps that they aren't for everyone. I'm also the first to admit that there isn't a whole lot of skill involved in the production of these maps. My intention is not to showcase my skills as a mapper, or to gain respect, but to share a fun project and give a fresh alternative to popular, yet tired, maps.

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