Minehill b18a

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-the cliff building's roofs are higher + catwalk for the looks
-blue side uses now a more fitting texture + support beams
-snow on roofs
-the buildings near the entrance to the mine now are team colored
-tower building got a new layout

new overview photos even more soon'ish
-added a small shack in the spawn courtyard
-filled the spawn cortyard with some props
-fixed not correctly mirrored props
-fixed lamps being too distracting in out of bounds section
-fixed a visible gap in displacements

new overview photos soon'ish
-added a scenic overlook
-cliff building got a graphical lifting on the cliffside
-capture zone overlays
-oob inside the cliff building
-player clips
-flank ramp got a graphical lifting
-fixed stairs showing on the other side of a wall
-fixed missing brushes one side
-upper floor entrance is now wider and closer to the middle entrance
-the area near the entrance to the mine is now more open and closer to mid
-in the same place the ramp switched places with the wooden raising
-you can no longer double jump from the concrete prop to the sniper's nest
-you can no longer double jump on to the roofs of those small building on mid from ground

all those changes are supposed to make scout less obnoxious and harder to rotate from mid to enemy spawn .
-added a tiny little ramp
I forgot to mirror clipping on the team buildings and spawns
there was an issue with one of out of bounds tunnels showing a skybox now it is resolved

I shall now update the photos on the page
-Increase skybox water scale to 1.0 from 0.25
-fog increase from 1800 hammer units to 1000
-fixed missing brush in one place
-fixed missing overlay under a healthpack (still no clue why it happens )
-fixed spawn wooden floor being in very small scale now 0.25
-sealed 2 dead ends in the mid buildings
-medium hp pack in the spawn courtyard is now small
-derailed train is no longer floating
-scout is now no longer able to get to few places when crouch jumped
-planks in the mines got removed
-second building has a new staircase which hopefully favors the team and not the enemy
-packs moved to more desirable location