Megasnow RC1

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Megasnow RC1

Non-Event Megalo

As many have requested, a non-event version of Megalo. I'm gonna keep slowly chipping at this. I want to perhaps make some balancing changes still (like how the deathpit is now water instead), and it'd be nice to go further on the detail.

ABP - Optimisation & additional detail of original Megalo
Nixon - Sky Vickery
Urban - Industrial signs
Layla - Polar decals
KrazyZark - Snow covered props
14bit - Logic for destroying stickies when platform moves
Diva Dan - Pine trees & ice meshes
Ismaciodismorphus - Snow materials
Gadget, Rexy, Stack Man, Crowbar - Other content

Known Issues (To be fixed with B5)
- Some mid buildings oddly clipped off by sky
- Distant roofs look too snow covered?
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Latest updates

  1. RC1

    RC1 - Fixed trigger_hurts not working on trains (they were set to only kill buildings... oops) - Added nobuild to water - Fixed water not extending all the way down. The floor is also notably higher to make this area smaller. - Top of the water...
  2. B4B

    B4B - Fixed instances not having any tools textures (clips, hints etc.)
  3. B4

    B4 - Sky changed from Yuki to Vickery as it better fits with the fog/lighting - Fog & lighting adjusted to lean into sky also - Improved the detail of OOB sections; more detailed roofs, snow on more objects, made some snow blends that were...

Latest reviews

Very awesome to see a non-event version of this map. I had a ton of fun playing it during scream fortress and I hope that, with this iteration of it, we could play it year round :] The moving point with the train hazard is really simple but makes for a very fun and interesting koth experience!