Maple Falls

Maple Falls a7

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-CP B almost done from scratch
-Added more routes to CP C
-Made the heights more natural
-Now the water is deeper
-Made the skybox higher
-Added cubemaps (properly) + soundscapes
-Made the spawn bigger​
I know last time the map didnt got any feedback, but sometimes i start working on the next version of a map even before releasing the finished one, that's kind of what happend here.

-Map is smaller (again)
-Changed skybox, added the sun and added a color correction
-Added some textures to make it look less boring​
-Map is now smaller
-Redone Control Point B and C almost from scratch
-Redone the in-between buildings from scratch
-Added a new entrance to Control Point C
-Added playerclips in some buildings that didn't have it​
I haven't touch this map in a while (more than a year), and since its November, the most autumn month of the year, here's an update on my most autumn map.

-Redone almost from scratch
-Smaller and less boring
-Changed environment​