Maple Falls

Maple Falls a7

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-Added a new route around CP B​
-Changed respawn times when middle points are capped​
-Made some minor visual changes, now it looks more open​
-File size is smaller​
-Fixed some issues in the spawns​
-Changed some dev textures, and the roof of one of the buildings​
-Made one of the doors to middle bigger​
-Changed respawn times when mid is capture​
-Made a bit bigger the distance between the spawn ant CP C​
-Fixed the collision of a prop​
-Changed capture times​
-Now you can build on top of B​
-Jump Pad force have been reduced
-The tree doesnt look from N64 anymore
-Added playerclip in the roof of CP C
-Reduced the cap time for CP C
-Added some minor details​
-Fixed a leak in the map (surprsingly, nobody noticed it)
-Fixed the nobuild near the jump pad
-Added blockbullets in the fences near the pond
-Reduced the respawn time(?)
-Converted the pile of leaves to displacement​
-Fixed jumppad collisions, and made the entrace a bit bigger
-Replaced some healthkits and ammopacks with smaller ones
-Improved healthkits and ammopacks patches​
-Added blocked holograms for CP C
-Deleted func_nobuild around the tree
-Added a new small route to CP A
-Made the Greenhouse taller, so its more obvius you cant get on top
-Redesigned CP B from scratch (again)
-Added blockbullets in the roof (now you cant cheat MegapiemanPHD)
-Added time back​
-Reduced time on mid points
-Deleted time on match (it never reached stalemate anyways)
-Changed the points hologram
-Added a handrail in last point to make it harder to reach
-Fixed a sighline near spawn
-Added playerclips in most of the roofs
-Changed some textures
-Removed the buildiing in CP B​
-Added displacements
-Added some textures
-Balcony near spawn now has stairs from outside, and the windows is smaller
-Added some minor details​