LittleMaker a1c

A casual re-work of an old project of mine

  1. Triple Woops

    Ignore all the pings, I'm just trying to get this all updated right. The files lied to me.
    I really hope this plays better than the first shrinkray. There was a lot I wasn't happy with and I couldn't bring myself to undo so much of the work I did. At least this plays better than the last alpha.
  2. A1? Never Heard of it...

    "Sir the prototype forthe new shrinkray was an utter failure."

    "Well, can't make an omelette without breaking a few legs!"

    "I'm not sure that's how it goes..."

    Remember that first a1 version of littlemaker I realeased? Yeah me neither. This is a literal total redesign of the original layout. Gone is the mirrored symmetry, replaced by rotational which wasn't necessary but I'm pretty okay with it. Everything has been built up from scratch again, this time all in a weekend, and...