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Desert Bus Event RC2

Desert Bus but really scary

Introducing Payload Race Desertbus Event - The TF2 Desertbus you know and love, but even worse.


- THE USUAL DESERTBUS SHIT: 100% Rollback, longest map size possible, terribly slow Payload, anti-pushing mechanics. It's like you never left.

- A TERRIBLE SCARY FOG: The grounds of Desert Bus are haunted, introducing a terrible black fog preventing view. Snipers sure are no problem anymore - but what else might jump scare you from the dark?

- PUMPKIN BOMBS: Because it isn't Halloween without them.

- SKELETONS: Angry skeletons roam the land, catching you from the black fog when you least expect it.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bsp of plr_desertbus_event_rc1 today and start getting very scared!

[This is a joke map]
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