Lego TF2 Mercs 2017-08-07

TF2 Team created using Lego Minifigure Parts

  1. Omicron
    I always miss the 72 Hour Jam because I'm always out of town.

    Not this time!
    (I hope. The site crashed in the last 5 minutes of the Jam when I was uploading this, so hopefully it still counts!)

    I was able to use the two hours I had before work this morning to see if I could make the TF2 Mercs with what parts and pieces I could find from my Lego collection. I managed to make half of RED and half of BLU.

    I know there are way better ones on the internet, but I think they turned out fairly decent considering I only used two hours! Sorry if the images aren't great. I only had ten mintes left to take photos with my phone.

    They aren't perfect of course, but it should be pretty easy to tell them apart! I enjoyed making them and I might improve them later.

    Here are some Photos:

    Teamshot 1:




    Teamshot 2:

    Hopefully next year I can make a TF2 Map!

    (Credit to Lego and Brickarms for the parts used)

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2017-08-07
    Really neat idea!