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  1. Virtual XVI

    TF2 Brickfilm (work in progress) 1.0

    Although I didn't manage to complete it, even with the help of my friends, I think I spend enough time thinking and working on it that I feel justified to post it temporarly in the state it's currently in. I intend to work more with it, but I'm running out of time to submit it ") I'd like to...
  2. grayman

    lego pixel art pyro lego pixel art pyro

    Lego pixel art was made from the very beginning of the event and took 7 hours to assemble
  3. Bonk Nickeltoon

    LEGO Sniper Weapons: The Classic and Bushwacka! 2021-12-20

    Man, these were toughies, but here they are! Some weapons for the Sniper made entirely out of LEGO using Studio 2.0! Both the Classic, and Bushwacka use bricks that are only real color bricks (no fake or custom colors/bricks!).
  4. DudeTheNinja

    LEGO Minifigure Spy 2020-09-07

    For this year's 72 Hour Jam, I have decided to make a custom player model (and weapon reskin) mod based on LEGO Universe, as the game celebrates its 10th anniversary of official release this October. The player model is fully rigged, but does not support cosmetics yet. (If you wear coats or...
  5. Bonk Nickeltoon

    LEGO Bombinomicon!

    The LEGO Bombinomicon! Made specifically for the 72 Hour Jam! IRL Build coming soon!
  6. zandergb

    Beware! LEGO MONOCULUS! is lurking about... 2020-09-06

    Made in Lego Digital Designer.
  7. zandergb

    Lego Payload Cart 2019-08-05

    A Lego payload cart for the 72 hr jam, along with a checkpoint. Made in Lego Digital Designer. The bomb can be taken off the cart, and the dome of the bomb can be removed to reveal an alternate checkpoint piece for when you capture it. As far as I can tell that dome piece doesn't actually come...
  8. Bonk Nickeltoon

    Lego Panic Attack Box Mockup 2018-07-30

    Decided to make a quick mockup LEGO-styled box of the Panic Attack, with an official 3D render of the gun I worked on for Brickworld 2018.
  9. Luther

    LEGO Saxton Hale VS Scout 2018-07-20

    My entry for the The TF2 Summer Jam 2018 Brick models and material(shaders) from: Custom decals/decoration vectors by me, using Inkscape. Which I have uploaded as bitmaps here: Rendered with the Cycles rendering-engine in blender.
  10. Omicron

    Lego TF2 Mercs 2017-08-07

    I always miss the 72 Hour Jam because I'm always out of town. Not this time! (I hope. The site crashed in the last 5 minutes of the Jam when I was uploading this, so hopefully it still counts!) I was able to use the two hours I had before work this morning to see if I could make the TF2 Mercs...
  11. zandergb

    Buildin' a sentry (with digital Lego) 2017-08-06

    Last time I made an ammo box, so I wanted to do something more complex this time.
  12. zandergb

    72hr Lego large ammo box 2017-02-11

    It'd be buildable with real bricks - if the right colours were available. The rockets are on ball joints and can be repositioned slightly while still staying attached to the box.