Lead Mine

Lead Mine A5 Reupload

Thanks to everyone who played my map in the gameday on the 5th June. The playtest went really well and I think I'm finally happy with the basic layout.

This changes for this update are mostly just cosmetic. I've done a first pass of detailing. Let me know what you think of the general aesthetics. I'm aware that there's still a lot of work to do before I release the beta.

The major gameplay change is that the final cap has been raised and is no longer so far behind the Red spawn.

Any feedback is welcome!
I've made a few changes based on the feedback I received from the gameday on the 4th April. The feedback was great so thanks to everyone who played.

The major changes are:
  • An extra forward spawn for Blu. Hopefully this will keep the fighting a bit more focused and prevent players having to run for ages after they spawn.
  • A redesigned first area with more ways for Blu to exit the setup area.
  • An extra route at C which should make it easier for Blu to flank the defence.
Let me know what you think!
This map update includes many of the changes that @LeSwordfish suggested. Thanks for the help.

  • The first area (Blu spawn to A) is now wider and the tunnels on this section have been removed
  • A new area has been added for cap point A
  • Blu now have a forward spawn
  • The tunnels running from A to B have been greatly simplified
  • There is no longer a bridge between the two red spawns
  • A ramp has been added to make it easier for Blu to attack C
Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I've made some updates to the map in response to the feedback that I received from the gameday on 5th March. Thanks to everyone who helped test it, especially DrLambda who gave my some extra advice on the layout.

The two problems that I've tried to address are:
  • Red snipers were too powerful in the first area and could see all of the blue spawn exits from one position.
  • The underground tunnels were too confusing.
I have heavily modified the first area, adding lots of extra cover. Also, blue are now able to stay on the high ground when they attack as I have added some raised routes.

The underground tunnels have been simplified so will hopefully be less confusing.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.