Lead Mine

Lead Mine A5 Reupload

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Lead Mine A5 Reupload

A single stage payload map set in a mine.

This is a small payload map with 3 checkpoints. The track winds in an "S" shape around a mine and finishes under Red's base. There's lots of height variation and alternative routes but the map itself is quite compact.

This is my first map and I'm really looking forward to getting some feedback on it and seeing how it plays.
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 5

    Thanks to everyone who played my map in the gameday on the 5th June. The playtest went really well and I think I'm finally happy with the basic layout. This changes for this update are mostly just cosmetic. I've done a first pass of detailing...
  2. Alpha 4

    I've made a few changes based on the feedback I received from the gameday on the 4th April. The feedback was great so thanks to everyone who played. The major changes are: An extra forward spawn for Blu. Hopefully this will keep the fighting a...
  3. Alpha 3

    This map update includes many of the changes that @LeSwordfish suggested. Thanks for the help. Changes: The first area (Blu spawn to A) is now wider and the tunnels on this section have been removed A new area has been added for cap point A Blu...