Laughter B2

You can't spell Slaughter without... !

  1. Void
    A Halloween reskin of Slaughter, Laughter is a fast-paced King of the Hill event map with a focus on chaos and interaction. With a handful of fully-functioning carnival games, exploding balloons, and an otherworldly Funhouse, there's something for everyone on the pier - after all, you can't spell Slaughter without... Laughter!


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: B2
    I'm glad that some version of Slaughter exists in the official game. The added dynamite balloons are a nice change of scenery compared to the standard pumpkin bombs, despite just being purely reskins. This map looks like it's connected to Pier the same way Powerhouse is to Hydro, but I'm not sure that's the case here. What sets it apart from Slaughter is the beautifully done underworld segments made to look like the opening to the Beetlejuice cartoon, very very nicely done. I feel like Slaughter still has a more Halloween-ish vibe to it if you take away the underworld and the balloon bombs.
  2. pk.pseudo
    Version: B2
    Never before have i had this much fun on a map. The fighting spaces feel so engaging and fun to play within, and the new setting of a Pier Boardwalk Carnival is generally much more pleasing and exciting than that of blank, white walls and the whirring of mechanical machinery inside of a Meat Processing Facility. Not only is the map fun via gameplay, but the setting has to be one, if not my favorite TF2 setting of all time. I'm so glad this got into Scream Fortress 2019.
    Version: B1B
    I'm Pretty speechless, this map Is amazing detailed, and most of the attractions work while not bothering playing space. This is a really high tier map, I must say.