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  1. Void

    Slaughter Assets v1.0

    Mostly complete collection of assets for Slaughter, plus generic versions of the waste vats made purely for the public release, along with various modular HVAC sets, a custom Resupply Cabinet, tables and sinks, wet floor signs, etc. Also some particles and overlays. No world textures. All...
  2. Dice_

    koth_bicarbonate b2

    Successor to koth_sodium (map was shit) this map prob sucks or good idk Took inspiration from Slaughter and Bagel for mid. Also took inspiration from Sharkbay and Ductworks for the transitional building Custom assets: Vans and train Double door open box cars Frontline Pack (Models and...
  3. Diva Dan

    Dan's Laughter and Slaughter Assets v1

    Installation: -Place the contents of the "tf" folder into your own "tf" folder or in a "custom" folder of your choosing. Credits: Mann meat can: Diva Dan and Void Everything else: Diva Dan And of course, credit to valve for lots of asset bases! -Ferris wheel comes...
  4. Void

    Laughter B2

    A Halloween reskin of Slaughter, Laughter is a fast-paced King of the Hill event map with a focus on chaos and interaction. With a handful of fully-functioning carnival games, exploding balloons, and an otherworldly Funhouse, there's something for everyone on the pier - after all, you can't...