KrazyZark's Vehicle pack part 1

KrazyZark's Vehicle pack part 1 V7a

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KrazyZark's Vehicle pack part 1 V7a

this pack will consist mostly of vehicles I feel like making at the time.

Finally after 7 months of not working on this I've finished this started finishing Models after starting them!
And The pack will be updated with new vehicles when I finish more.

===Finished Models===
1956 Ford F100 pickup with fence
1970 Ford Econoline with box
1955 Ford Mainline
1940 Ford Coupe Deluxe
1967 Ford Cortina

===Vehicles to come in future updates===
1955 Ford F100 panel truck------------------------(Model WIP)
1950 Studebaker Champion------------------------(No Model)
1957 Skoda 706 RT flat bed and box--------------(No Texture)
1965 Ford mustang----------------------------------(Model WIP)
1960 Nash metropolitan-----------------------------(No Model)
and possibly a greyhound bus

Requests are nice, but I will not work on them until I finish most of the above.

As you can see still a lot of work to do.

===Special Thanks===

Silvermace for making the sign ads for the taxi!
Red car dealership map by JargonJC
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Latest updates

  1. blu corn skin

    Added blu corn logo skin Logo credit: Zeus3005
  2. added Ford Econoline

    Added the 1970 Ford Econoline with a box version there isn't a R.E.D skin right now will be added in a later update
  3. smooch

    halved the resolution of all vehicles to 1024 pixels updated lighting on all textures

Latest reviews

extremely good cars
Nice classic cars in tf2!
Mainline's my favorite vehicle in this pack, especially the cop car skin. Vehicles have been wished for a long time in TF2, it's great and appreciated to have these available.
Pretty good car pack, really like the interchangeable police car/taxi car, and the van props