koth_talos b2b

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koth_talos b2b

Battle for control over the mysterious temple

A King of the Hill map based around some of the levels from "The Talos Principle."

I've done no playtesting yet, besides running around the map by myself/with bots, so I'm not sure what gameplay will be like; hopefully it's good.

I know you're supposed to hold off on art passes until after you get gameplay feedback, but I hate releasing things unfinished... oh well.

Thanks to:
A Boojum Snark - Gamemode library
Darthmule - Stone texture pack
Bulletcrops Project - Awesome textures
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. bugsmasher update

    b2b fix a ramp on red's side being breakable extended nobuild in spawns to cover doorway fix some issues with the spawn doors tweaked a few things to help out with some bot nav issues
  2. Now with a less-than-lethal dose of half-life assets!

    b2a: now 99.9% less half-life assets! Brand new theme due to removal of said assets some lighting updates spectator cams! additional prop work