Koth_Shipping_Dock A2V2

A pipeline like KOTH map

  1. A pie
    This is my first TF2 map I release, and look for advice.
    I wouldn't mind changing the map quite a bit.

    It's a king of the hill map inspired bij pipeline stage C and double cross.
    it's meant to be a casual map.

    Even though this map is detailed its still in Alpha, I just had to much fun with detailing it and experimenting with tools.

    Special Thanks to,
    UEAKCrash - Hammer tutorials


    1. SHDO_Bay_A1V1.png
    2. SHDO_RedHouse_A1V1.png
    3. SHDO_BluBackYard_A1V1.png
    4. SHDO_BluGravelDump_A1V1.png
    5. SHDO_RedPoint_A2V1.png
    6. SHDO_RedIndoors_A2V1.png
    7. SHDO_RedBack_A2V1.png
    8. SHDO_Overview_A2V1.png

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