koth_randoblu a7a

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+added a drain (very awesome)
honestly i forgot most changes but the recent ones are:
+diagonal walls :D
+some stuff to block sightlines
+i forgor
-removed the sketchy dark alleyway
this is it. i'm now (probably) done with this map and (possibly) not touching it again

+fixed some ramps

+shrinked the wutvill2 room and added some crates

-removed the corner flanks

+added some random ramps in the point room

+added more cover to the point

-some measurement friends decided to leave :(
+new route that creates a very big sightline
+more health packs and ammo packs around the point
+new measurement friends
+added a flank to the point

+added a ramp to the spawn rooms

+fed the measurement heavies
changed version number for file
so i messed up something and forgot to compile the map, so the whole time you were actually playing a1, sorry about that
fixed a hole in the skybox and added spectator cameras
finally made the spawn doors aligned correctly and added clipping to an area that would have been used as a high ground for spawncamping