koth_mazata a10

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- Removed the ledges to the windows on the control point house for easier acces via the prop jump
- Removed walkway going over the 2nd couryard leading to the sniper house
- Reworked the route closest to the shack leading to the point
- Added slight cover outside the shack
- Added rooftops to buildings to give a sence of an actual enviorment instead of just a box
a3b instead of a4 because it contains few changes that dont deserve a a4 update alone

- Moved the health and ammo in the underground tunnel
- Made the roof of the point higher to avoid the confusion of players not knowing if you could stand up there or not
- Added capture zone indications
- Moved the health and ammo in the 2nd courtyard slightly
- Lowered the wall on the walkway in the 2nd courtyard
- Lowered the highground in mid and made it only accessible through mid instead of the alley
- Added a new enterace to the sniper house via the alley for easier access
- Removed ammo room under point
- Removed the middle window in the sniper house
- Lowered the valley under the catwalk to the point and made it longer and added a small ammo pack
- Simplified the catwalk leading to the point
- Made the control point area wider
- Added windows to the point which one of them can be entered
- Removed the house/flank with a big healthpack and added a cliff like structure that provides health, ammo and highground
- Moved the health and ammo in the 2nd courtyard to be easier reached by defenders without giving up too much ground, alse shanged the ammo from medium to full
- Fixed some sightlines
- Added small ledges to sniper windows to be easier to jump inside of the sniper house