koth_mazata a10

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- Removed teh first courtyard since it wasnt needed (Also based on feedback)
- Some health and ammo pickups have switched places bacause of the new spawn

These changes are going to need some tweaking but please be patient with it :)
- Reduced the ammount of health on red's left/blu's right route
- Changed the health kit in the side room on mid from medium to small
- Added hazard stripes to certain ledges to show that they can't be accessed by crouch-jumping

Changes no included in screenshots
This update features smaller changes that arent show in the pictures

- Changed health sizes on multiple locations of the map
- Removed the small wall in the sniper room
- Removed 1 piece of metal on on red's right/blu's left route
- Smoothened displacements
- Made the doorway to the point wider comming from red's left/blu's right route
- Widened the door leading to the point on the left route to give attackers more room to move
- Replaced dropdown on the moddle route with a walkway

Changes not included in screenshots!
- Added more healthpacks. Now get off my back (Not shown in screenshots)
- Remade the side building on mid
- Removed dropdown from middle route and replaced it with a simple walkway going down
- Added a new room/corridor
- Made the walkways to the point bigger
- Made the crates outside of the point house easier to use
- Reworked the roof on mid and removed the path to it
- Split one way to the point into two
- Added/Removed/Changed certain ammo- and healthpacks
- Reduced overall flanking potential
- Closed the windows to the point
- Added a new route to link together the two main routes leading to the control point
- Minor changes based on feedback from previous playtest
- Fixed optimization issues and framerate issues
- A very large overhaul to mid
- Added displacements to give the map more life
- Made both the yard ouside of spawn and the 2nd yard smaller for quicker travel times
- Improved lighting