koth_mazata a8

Name is temporary

  1. a8 update

    - Widened the door leading to the point on the left route to give attackers more room to move
    - Replaced dropdown on the moddle route with a walkway

    Changes not included in screenshots!
  2. a7b update

    - Added more healthpacks. Now get off my back (Not shown in screenshots)
  3. a7 update

    - Remade the side building on mid
    - Removed dropdown from middle route and replaced it with a simple walkway going down
    - Added a new room/corridor
    - Made the walkways to the point bigger
    - Made the crates outside of the point house easier to use
  4. a6 update

    - Reworked the roof on mid and removed the path to it
    - Split one way to the point into two
    - Added/Removed/Changed certain ammo- and healthpacks
    - Reduced overall flanking potential
    - Closed the windows to the point
  5. a5b update 2.0

    - Added a new route to link together the two main routes leading to the control point
  6. a5b update

    - Minor changes based on feedback from previous playtest
    - Fixed optimization issues and framerate issues
  7. a5 update

    - A very large overhaul to mid
    - Added displacements to give the map more life
    - Made both the yard ouside of spawn and the 2nd yard smaller for quicker travel times
    - Improved lighting
  8. a4 update

    - Removed the ledges to the windows on the control point house for easier acces via the prop jump
    - Removed walkway going over the 2nd couryard leading to the sniper house
    - Reworked the route closest to the shack leading to the point
    - Added slight cover outside the shack
    - Added rooftops to buildings to give a sence of an actual enviorment instead of just a box
  9. a3b update

    a3b instead of a4 because it contains few changes that dont deserve a a4 update alone

    - Moved the health and ammo in the underground tunnel
    - Made the roof of the point higher to avoid the confusion of players not knowing if you could stand up there or not
    - Added capture zone indications
    - Moved the health and ammo in the 2nd courtyard slightly
  10. a3 update

    - Lowered the wall on the walkway in the 2nd courtyard
    - Lowered the highground in mid and made it only accessible through mid instead of the alley
    - Added a new enterace to the sniper house via the alley for easier access