72hr Koth_Generic A6

My first ever map, created for the 72hr TF2Jam

  1. Koth_Generic

    Charizard Telephone
    I don't really like this map that much but I wanted to update it for no particular reason.

    Updated to version a6:
    -Re-designed the room connecting the teams' spawn to the point
    -Increased the size of the health pack behind the orange cover
    -Increased the width of the choke to mid
    -Decreased the size of the ramps on the point (scouts can more easily jump onto the point now)
    -Added some computer carts to the drop-down rooms (why not)
    -Hopefully it's harder to spawn camp the enemy team after...
  2. Koth_Generic

    Charizard Telephone
    Updated to version a5:
    -Added new paths from sewers to battlements
    -Added drop down to side rooms from new pathway
    -Overhalled sewer area
    -Changed most slopes into stairs and made remaining slopes less steep
    -Fixed sniper sight lines in sewers
    -Lowered health on battlements
    -Added small health near point
    -Added and resized some signs
    -Made it easier to shoot sentries on battlements
    -Fixed a small sight line going to side rooms from point
    -Made it easier to distinguish which side belong to...