koth_facility a3

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-Point is now bigger.
-Revamped spawn rooms.
-If you fell of a mid house, you can't get back as fast as before, but there's still a shortcut so you don't need to go to the spawn.
-One of the spawn room visualizers is still broken and doesn't render properly.
-Major sightlines are now shorter, there still can be few.
-Moved little healthpack and little ammo to corner behind the exit from underground to mid. Now this area has it's purpose to exist and should make it easier for attackers.
-Underground area got new stairs and big healthpack neat the big ammo.
-Changed the glass material of one of the windows to make it less confusing, although it might still change.
-One of the respawn blockers is broken and doesn't render properly.
-Still no nodraw material on areas that aren't ment to be seen. For now map isn't so complicated to have a huge impact on the performance, but a3 will most likely have a proper nodraw material placement.

Thanks to OctoBlitz for pointing out a lot of problems on the map.