Koth_Busytown PK2

King of the Hill that is caught in a BusyTown

  1. Koth_Busytown_A2P3

    {2 Updates of A2}

    + Added a bridge connecting Top of Restaurant (Top Rest)
    - Train Speed deuce from 1000 to...
  2. Koth_Busytown_A2P2

    {1 Updates of A2}

    * :DPatch Map :eek:
    * Made sure I got all the custom textures and props so I can actually get to test my map
  3. Koth_Busytown_A2P1

    {0 Updates of A2}

    - Removed Parking Area
    - Removed Clown House
    - Removed Walkway to Top of Restaurant
    - Removed Grey Boxes to Middle...
  4. Koth_Busytown_A1

    Original Map
    July 21,2020

    Didn't Want to have two maps with the same search name. I had recently figured out how to make my update list more organized than when I first started this journey of mapping for Team Fortress 2.
    So I did want to wait when I had a lot of good maps to than organized my posts. So that is why I am fixing it now.