koth_2_trench_v1 Current Version 7/27/2016

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Heys guys MrGhost here with another update on my map "koth_2_trench" now on update 1.1. I edited the map according to helpful feedback I received on the very first play test ever on the map which sadly I was not able to attend but never the less I listened and hopefully I delivered.

In this update you will find

1.Reduced Spawn Time

2. Removal of the Hills in the background that will be replaced with another In a later date and time. *The large displacements caused the map to swell too 100% plus on the physics meter*

3. I improved the amount of cover in on the capture point by adding an entire building covering the point and them some to allow players to take cover and hold the line. This in effect diminishes the effect snipers will have on the map. The building windows have been boarded up to further reduce the sniping effect but there still are cracks in the wood.

4. Reduced amount of props and remove of mines. *Mine removal is only temporary =)*

5.Dust particle effects in the Center building.

I hope you guys enjoy please leave feedback as greatly helps me on improving the map's over all quality. Thanks and have fun


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Updated Images with up to date versions
Updated again because of tf2.net server downage
Name Contained Capital letters So I changed it along with removing the dash.
Updated the map with graphical changes including posters and small objects and etc. Also I Finally packed the front line assets in the map to the bsp file so you are not required to download the giant Front line pack. Ill addd more screenshots with the updates. Enjoy