frontline wwii koth

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  1. Yabayabayaba

    trench a1

    A trench themed frontline map, the second map I have ever made! I liked the layout, but it is plagued by messy brushwork, so now I am putting it up for testing, will it stay or will it go. This file has had little work done since I gave up on it months ago, so if I choose to work on it there...
  2. Zack's!

    72hr koth_conquest _reupload

    koth_conquest it's a map i made for the frontline community operation and the 72hr TF2Jam, there is still some work to do but most of the map is done.
  3. SmashWaffle

    72hr Halfpoint 72 Hour TF2 Jam Edition 2

    Halfpoint is a map for the Community Project, Frontline!, in which I have completely recreated it just for the 2016 72 Hour TF2 Jam. The map is loosely based on The Battle of Midway, a very important part of World War II. If you want to play the original Halfpoint, go here...
  4. MrGhost The Flying Flail

    koth_2_trench_v1 Current Version 7/27/2016

    Hey guys this is my First TF2 map but not my first map made in hammer. This map I hope you guys enjoy for play testing is still under development and is undergoing changes as we speak. The map is mirrored for both Red and blue team including a trench sytems and overpasses that allow players to...