Koth_ Railyard A3

My attempt to make a viaduct inspired koth map

  1. gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺
    Hey all, after many failed projects and unfinished projects I decided to attempt to make a good koth map, inspired by Viaduct. I wanted it to be well balanced, potentially for competitive play, and also a nice looking map. I'm a relatively new and inexperienced mapper, so I know it's not a perfect map and any feedback would be appreciated.

    Railyard Mid.jpg Railyard Yard.jpg Railyard Spawn.jpg Railyard Top down.jpg

    I know it's still rigid and blocky, but I want to get some feedback about flow and feel before I dedicate myself to detailing and displacements and stuff.


    1. Railyard Mid.jpg
    2. Railyard Yard.jpg
    3. Railyard Spawn.jpg
    4. Railyard Top down.jpg