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Japanese, Forest, mountain side 5cp

  1. gwd. Ķ-Ő-₣-Ť˺
    Hey there!

    I'm Koft, and this is my attempt at a more serious map. It's a 5cp themed to be a Japanese forest on the side of a mountain. Obviously, in the early downloads it's pretty hard to make out the mountain part...

    Disclaimer: I'm new to mapping still, and this map was a major learning experience for me. For instance this was my first time trying to understand displacements... So there's a lot to be desired from it, and I know that it's pretty rough around the edges, and just in general. Advice is welcome.

    ALSO: Since my map is Japanese themed, I used the Japanese item pack provided here at tf2maps. And honestly, in a previous map I tried uploading it with items from packs like that, and it just is a bunch of errors... I don't know what I'm doing, so I imagine you'll need the item pack. But yeah, if anyone knows how to get a map file that includes the items or whatever, if I'm just getting the file wrong or what, that'd be appreciated. Thanks.

    Mid.png B_2nd.png Last.png


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