KOTH Notvi a7

Yet another KOTH map. Tried to follow the 'Viaduct formula' more.

  1. A7 Update

  2. A6 Update

    Quite a lot of changes, I tried to take the testing feedback in mind as much as possible.
  3. A5 Update

    -Added signs above launchpads
    -Removed ramps to the building near point.
  4. A4 Update

    - Added some pickups
    - Made some areas less empty
    - Added a grate near spawn so snipers can't snipe players exiting it from far away.
  5. A3 Update

    Changes. Too lasy to write them out.
    Added launchpads.
  6. A2 Update

    -Lowered the control point
    -Blocked some of the sigtlines on roofs
    -Made a path to the roof of the two buildings near the point
    -Opened up the two buildings near point from other side (you will take some fall dmg if you exit it)
  7. Correct file

    Corrected the file