KOTH Maple

KOTH Maple Alpha 3C

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I don't know what I did, but apparently the previous version was fullbright. No idea what caused it, so I just recompiled after making one minor change.

•Reduced the ridiculous amount of damage dealt by a certain fence. (it used to do 30 damage per tick ;_;)
So, I thought I posted Alpha 3, but turns out I didn't. That's why I skipped to Alpha 3B. I made some changes in 3B that are listed along with all the Alpha 3 changes.

Moved one of the medium healthpacks
•Widened the lower area in mid
•Reduced the amount of time before the point unlocks
•Reduced the reflectivity on all white dev textures to reduce how bright they are in HDR
•Fixed getting stuck in the saw room
•Made the saw room slightly bigger
•Did a bit of texturing
•Added hazard tape by the saw room so it's more apparent there is a saw in the room
•Reduced the large health on the flank to a small pack
•Increased the medium ammo on the flank to a full pack
•Made the cap a bit wider
•Added a brand new flank!
•Removed a doorway
•Fixed the prop_details on grass, so now they show up
•Some minor optimization
•Altered some geometry
So, I accidentally posted the original version. I fixed it though!
Changed the name from Crow to Maple
Moved one of the shutters so it isn't in the main gameplay space
Fixed a long sightline to spawn
Replaced the junk pile with a ramp at spawn
Removed the random ammo pack I accidentally left from another route
Added a bridge and new door to get to the point
Lowered the point
Added a ramp to reach a route you had to go out of your way to get to
Increased the small health to full on the route to the side of the point
Added a dangerous saw next to the point! (This one probably isn't a permanent addition)
Some general optimization tweaks
Added a medium health pack to help attackers take the point
Added spectator cameras
Did some extra smoothing clipping
Added a secret easteregg to RED side!


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