Kanye a7

Made by Lancey

  1. lana

    Kanye was designed as a spur the moment 5CP map. Func_door or Ardy from the Cafe of Broken Dreams was looking for some maps to put up for their weekly Tuesday night test. I said that I'd make one. Kanye was designed in two and a half hours.

    The map moves between a ravine like middle to large height disparities and close battles in a relatively small map. Expect a lot of push and pull.

    Note to self: submit by May 11th

    Special Thanks:
    A Boojum Snark for the Ultimate Gamemode Prefabs
    Func_door/Ardy for the idea
    The Cafe of Broken Dreams for initial playtesting


    1. cp_kanye_a50003.jpg
    2. cp_kanye_a50004.jpg
    3. cp_kanye_a70001.jpg
    4. cp_kanye_a70002.jpg
    5. cp_kanye_a70003.jpg