Drybed a1a

Author: Lancey

  1. lana

    In a low valley where water once flowed through miles of river, two corporations have drained the area for use as coolants. The two bases, now with empty reservoirs, are contesting the water remaining in the area, hoping to destroy their enemy's installation before they themselves lose theirs!

    When Gorge came out, I thought it'd be great to make a 5CP map with the same theme. So I decided to make what is and always will be Gorge into a 5CP map. Any similarity is intended, and everything has been built from the ground up. No copy/paste. This map is mostly just me practicing detailing and trying out Valve's system of visual a-symmetry.

    Not finished as of yet, but should be complete soon.


    1. cp_drybed_a10000.jpg
    2. cp_drybed_a10001.jpg
    3. cp_drybed_a10002.jpg
    4. cp_drybed_a10004.jpg
    5. cp_drybed_a10005.jpg
    6. cp_drybed_a10006.jpg