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more detailing stuff tho it still looks bad
did something with cubemaps
jenkins is rising up from the dead!

-remade mid area
-updated some visuals
-fixed some graphic/gameplay bugs
only detailing no gameplay changes yay !
-fixed download
-enabled back clipping i forgot to enable before heh
-added edited 3d skybox from badlands for a placeholder
-made every dev texture nodraw
-moar details
-aligned and changed a some of the textures,
-made 2nd look like mid point (hydro styled)
-decorated 2nd and mid spawns
-fixed nodraw visible in blu mid spawn,
- changed wooden building on blu side to fit the side more
-changed mid to look hydro themed,
- added more textures,
-added cover on balcony on 2nd,
-moved one of covers on mid a bit,
-moved one of spectator cameras