Jenga Textures Winter 17

I made textures because I wanted them

  1. RodionJenga
    Jenga Textures - I made textures because I wanted them

    Two greenhouse glass textures I'd been meaning to make to replace the hl2 one I used in marinara. Combo of glasswindow014a and glasswindow002b and 0002c. They're transparent so not nearly as dark as they look
    glasswindow_rj.png glasswindow002_rj.png
    A thatch texture for when putting grass on your roof just won't do. Started life as dirtground007

    A gold texture in the style of the icarus metals, so just a shiny yellow, really.
    And a computerwall I made to match rockground008 for marinara. I started this one before the jam, but only got it working during, so here it is anyway

    This was more educational to me than anything else, learning how to make things tile, transparent or shiny as nescessary. Should be adding to this as time goes on. All critiques/suggestions for improvement are welcome.

    Textures-in-action image: