isolation RC3

MvM Isolation

  1. Release Candidate


    * Added raised snowbank to the valley
    * Adjusted walkway on ledge at entrance to valley
    * Increased size of boulder + cover at entrance to valley
    * Adjusted fence at stairs to bomb hatch
    * Added one large ammopack at bomb hatch
    * Changed position of large health and ammopack combo at bomb hatch
    * Reduced size of redwood side room slightly
    * Added various out-of-bounds detailing
    * Updated and tweaked nav mesh


    You will also need the mission files, available here:

    These are the same missions as in B6. The Iron Gauntlet folks are working on updating these missions.

    The nav mesh is included both in this zip and the map zip (you can not pack the nav mesh or the pop/mission files in with the map).
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