Indaclash A3

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I released A2 on a fast compile. Here's A2 but actually working!
After a week of working on this, I've done too much. The changes are:


>Removed the roof overtop point A.
>Left a path from blu top spawn exit to the flank door.
>Left the pillars to help with cover during combat.

>Changed the flank door to lock at setup start and unlock .
>This is to give red a longer path to the front lines.

>Added a new path in the flank that leads to the tunnel.

>Speaking of the tunnel, it's no longer a tunnel but now a room.

>Point A has been moved to the tunnel.


>Added doors in the point B windows that are open until point B is capped.

>Moved the health pack that was under the blu flank door next to the point C room.

>Removed the cover next to that.

>Opened a wide sector next to point B giving a nice angle into point A.


>Raised the roof WAY higher.

>Added a sniper perch for RED leading from their spawn.
>I know that a path straight from spawn seems like too much, but there
is a bit too much advantage for blu.


>Added glass into the tunnel from red spawn.
>This is to help newcomers learn the layout of the map.

>Added a new path from red spawn with some glass cover.

>Removed the health and ammo packs.


>Added many, MANY signs.
>Flank room
>Added a sign saying no red people to the flank door. (Sounds vague,
but you'll notice it.)
>Added police tape under the sign.
>Added signs pointing to the cap points which are team coloured so teams know where to go.
>General sign changes.

>Changed a few panels in the flank room to be blue coloured.

>Many bug fixes

Maybe some other stuff that I can't remember. Enjoy my crap map!