Inca a1

Jungle themed payload map set in the overgrown remnants of some ruins.

  1. Cytosolic
    Some where in America Red have discovered some ancient, mysterious ruins. While going though the base set up checklist, spytech - check, missiles - check, open pit of explosives - check, long track leading to pit of explosives - check, Blue unearth red's ruins for themselves and decide to make it even more ruined, by blowing it up.

    a1 notes - this is a quick a1 I made to get some feedback on what I have. Currently there are only 2 checkpoints, kinda like gorge but payload. I plan on making it a standard 4 cp map but I'm a little out of ideas and decided to test what I already have and go from there. Most details are provisional. Also, I know the Inca and Mayans aren't connected, It's a temporary name okay.


    1. pl_inca_a10005.jpg
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