Hydrophilic a4

Rainy dusty Payload map.

  1. Version a4

    Picked Random
    • Boarded up the chicken wire at point A.
    • Reduced sniper sightlines around the map.
    • Added a shack outside the one way door.
    • Replaced the BLU first spawn's chicken wire with one way windows.
    • Made the window outside the lower exit to RED's last spawn one way.
    • Made the healthkit at point A small.
    • Added a clock with a top hat. For fun.
    Have yet to modify the final point properly. I'll get around to it eventually.
  2. Version a3

    Picked Random
    • Restructured most of the map in an attempt to reduce effectiveness of chokepoints. Hopefully points A and B play better, but point C is probably still terrible.
    • Disabled sounds on the control points, because I didn't do that before.
    • Red now respawns at C after A is capped to reduce the defending advantage.
    • Stopped the rain clipping through the wall at blue's spawn.
    • Changed the blast door to not resemble the TF2 logo, apparently it was a bit much.
  3. Version a2

    Picked Random
    • Moved skybox brushes to prevent peeking into spawnrooms.
    • Slightly reduced the rain fog going through walls.
    • Improved the lighting in various areas.
    • Reduced Blue spawn times by 4 seconds and increased Red spawn times by 2 seconds after the first point has been captured.
    • The arrow sign in Red's first spawn now has three directions to point instead of two.
    • Added various things to block sightlines around the first point.
    • Red's leftmost spawn door locks...