Hydrophilic a4

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Hydrophilic a4

Rainy dusty Payload map.

Payload map with 3 points. Standard dusty environment with a bit of rain thrown in.

Why is it raining? Maybe it's just the right time of the decade. Maybe the Red team is up to something. Those silly reds.
Either way, Blu isn't happy about the weather and decided to go and blow up the Red base to make themselves feel better.
Picked Random
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Latest updates

  1. Version a4

    Boarded up the chicken wire at point A. Reduced sniper sightlines around the map. Added a shack outside the one way door. Replaced the BLU first spawn's chicken wire with one way windows. Made the window outside the lower exit to RED's last spawn...
  2. Version a3

    Restructured most of the map in an attempt to reduce effectiveness of chokepoints. Hopefully points A and B play better, but point C is probably still terrible. Disabled sounds on the control points, because I didn't do that before. Red now...
  3. Version a2

    Moved skybox brushes to prevent peeking into spawnrooms. Slightly reduced the rain fog going through walls. Improved the lighting in various areas. Reduced Blue spawn times by 4 seconds and increased Red spawn times by 2 seconds after the first...