Hydrophilic a4

Rainy dusty Payload map.

  1. Version a2

    Picked Random
    • Moved skybox brushes to prevent peeking into spawnrooms.
    • Slightly reduced the rain fog going through walls.
    • Improved the lighting in various areas.
    • Reduced Blue spawn times by 4 seconds and increased Red spawn times by 2 seconds after the first point has been captured.
    • The arrow sign in Red's first spawn now has three directions to point instead of two.
    • Added various things to block sightlines around the first point.
    • Red's leftmost spawn door locks after the first point is captured.
    • Fixed Red not getting booted out of Blue's forward spawn after spawns switch.
    • Respawn signs at Red's first spawnroom now change colour depending on the team in control.
    • Modified the tunnel to be more blocky and changed the texture warping hole into a broken door.
    • Lowered the top entrance to the final area and removed the rock to the left of the spawn door.
    • Lowered the floor to the left of the final point's entrance
    • The final point's hole opening is signalled better.
    • Added a small platform to the left of the final point.
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