Hydro Event

Hydro Event a4

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Hydro Event a4

Halloween version of tc_hydro

a4 .nav here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u4cc7ba7wo65ta7/tc_hydro_event_a4.nav

I know you guys don't like reskins so much but I feel like this is special case. Hydro is so big and there is hundreds of possibilities to play with this map.

Version strings: this will stay in alpha as long as I haven't textured/detailed everything. Then this will hop into b1 with bosses. B's will continue as long as there's not enough bosses with sense making logic. However my goal is to get this done before Halloween for oblivious reasons.

If you'd like to help me, PM. I would appreciate that MUCH!

//terrible description, I'll update this sooner or later
First release
Last update
Territorial Control

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Latest updates

  1. Mostly fix version plus string

    a4 -Added version string -Fixed one invisible displacement -Now almost everything except last points are textured -Secret VIDE is shit, so .nav is here AND IT IS REQUIRED
  2. I'm stupid and I can't remember to string public versions

    a3 -Tweaked logic behind boss -Ultimate death pit looks now better than ever -Fixed spawndoor triggers (wtf Valve, please learn how to make those) -Textured more -Detailed more -Packed .nav into .bsp If boss freezes download .nav manually here
  3. Nothing special (maybe)

    a2 -Re-textured more -Re-detailed more -Re-brushed more -Tried to add spellbooks -You can stop reading now -Added one boss