Hunt a4

a 3cp map set in the woods

  1. a4 - update

    Whats new?
    • Added lights in 2nd spawn in front of the door
    • Added arrows pointing away from the closed forward spawn doors
    • Water in sewers in now only 16hu deep
    • Removed some clips under stairs (again!) that would block players from hiding under the stairs (sewer).
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a3 - update

    Whats New?:
    • timer now adds 5 minutes instead of 2
    • blocked a sightline at mid
    • reworked the sewers
    • removed nobuild in sewers
    • removed shadows on fences
    • removed an invisible clip under some stairs (dont worry the stairs themselves are still clipped)
    Thanks to all playtesters!


    1. hunt_a3 (1).jpg
    2. hunt_a3 (2).jpg
    3. hunt_a3 (3).jpg
  3. a2 - update

    What's new?
    • Added medium health pack on either side
    • added func_nobuild in sewers
    • added spec cameras for both teams
    • added labels for all controllpoints, mid being A and last being B on both teams. The labels also add some cover
    • changed trigger_hurt in spawns to trigger_teleport
    • decreased round time from 10min to 5min. Every time you cap mid it now adds 2min
    • Fixed foward spawn doors
    • made first spawn for both teams smaller. Spawn is now separated into 2...