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a22 changelog:

- remade ctf timer logic from the ground-up. it runs faster and is far more stable.
shameless self-promotion! an updated logic prefab is available here.
- fixed forcespawning teams into a round loss.
- fixed incorrect bonus time additions.
- removed small health packs in upper floors of side buildings at mid
- switched upper battlements health packs to small (from medium)
- switched lower battlements health packs to small (from medium)
- moved small health and medium ammo in lower floors of side buildings at mid away from the window
players felt that health was too abundant, and that engagements were mainly decided by proximity to a health kit. this should help flow by weakening their use as defensive backstops.
a21 changelog:

it's been a while!

- added route in flag lobby
battlements was a very strong offensive hold, only having one feasible way out of the flag room sucked, and not being able to catch someone rocket jumping up the lobby dropdown sucked. this should help those issues.
- removed health kit in upper route overlooking spawns
well, that was dumb.
a20 changelog:

- gamemode logic extensions
-- in overtime, the flag status check routine is fired for every flag state change (at home, dropped, picked up).

RED score is leading 2-1. both RED and BLU flags are dropped on the floor. the RED flag was dropped before BLU, so will reset first.
the round timer hits 0. the flag status check routine is fired. because the leading team's flag is dropped, the round enters overtime.
neither team reach the enemy flag. the RED flag returns to base.
the RED flag's state updates (dropped --> at home), and the flag status check routine is fired again.
RED's score is leading and their flag is at home, so they are awarded a win immediately.

in previous versions, the flag status check routine would not have been fired a second time, leading into overtime until BLU's flag returns home.

a19 changelog:

- extended gamemode logic
-- on a round-winning capture, the losing team is no longer forcespawned during humiliation.
- fixed missing pickup patches in mid blu side building
whoops. had two copies of a brush overlapping and it was eating the overlays.
a18 log:

- indicated mid side building dropdowns with hazard tape
- added tires to allow some crouch jumps
- adjusted signage
a17 changelog:

- mid sucks less, probably

- extended gamemode logic
-- on overtime, if the leading team has the trailing team's flag, and the leading team's flag is in its home position, the leading team win immediately.
jesus christ i wish we had vscript
a16 changelog:

- fixed logic oversight
the game timer was configured to have five seconds of setup time, which caused the time-on-capture logic to go into overtime mode (only awarding time on trailing team capture) early. whoops!
- tires aren't floating any more
you're welcome, i guess.
a15 changelog:

- gamemode logic extensions
-- during overtime, if the team leading in score captures, time is not added to the clock
-- during overtime, if team scores are tied and one team captures, time is not added to the clock
-- during overtime, if the team trailing in score captures, time is still added to the clock

whoops! i forgot to account for overtime when originally setting this up.
it took a surprising amount of work to extend the existing logic.
a14 changelog:

- side buildings are now meaningful
more mid to mid! rejoice!


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a13 changelog:

- replaced Obvious Sightline Blockers with a shed
this might add a bit of interest to spawn courtyards too. i want to leave it mostly open so it's difficult for attacking teams to camp the spawn building.
- marked oneway door triggers with hazard tape