Medieval Horsebread Alpha 6 - True Attack Defense Now

Yeah, I give up on the a/d ctf and it's shortcomings.

In other news, I can't seem to change this map's category

Migrated to just pure attack-defense logic.
Added a forward spawn room for blue after they cap point A.
Reworked blue's left flank to point A to fit in the new spawn room and to adjust where they come out from.

Simplified the staircase near the gate for red to be much simpler and quicker to navigate back onto the right route.
Reduced respawn times globally down to 5 seconds.
Screw it, we go full medieval mode

Yeah, no more white listed weapons or anything like that, just pure medieval mode madness

Adjusted a handful of health kits to consider the native HP kit on kill that medieval mode offers. (Mostly just large -> medium and medium -> small kits near primary engagement points)

Adjusted clipping and un shorty some of the fences near the last point.

Changed the large ramp leading to point C into two separate ramps which should reduce the sightline there

Fixed gate poking through when open for blue's first spawnroom

Lowered all capture point's time a fair bit
Fixed the point C banner flag to be attached to something

Added a forward flag spawn point for blue when attacking B
Halved blue's respawn time during point B attack due to the distance between spawnroom and the point
I swear, I'm a professional, I index using index -1 rules... well I thought I did.

No seriously, the caching system has been updated actually to use the right index in the dictionary for once!

I also added back some lost clipping on the second point's stairs.
Kind of a small update, purely visual with some improvements in the VScripting.

Added bells on point capture
Added a few more spectator cameras on the map
Moved side entrance near spiral that goes into fireplace room to provide a bit more cover entering it
Added better clipping around Blue's second intel pickup spot
Added a new window in Blue's last spawn (you know, aesthetics)
Added C banner to point C to fit in with the rest of the points
Added a taller fence near Blue's side approach to point C to make it more of a commitment for Blue and to give them more cover coming out
Added additional lights throughout the map
Replaced odd wall/ cave cover with rocks near point C Staircase

Technical - Moved blacklist to a whitelist for performance reasons
Technical - Weapons are cached when checking if a weapon is allowed (performance boost)
Guess who didn't pack the medieval blacklist? Totally wasn't me.
Small changes about the map to help improve general gameplay

Added more cover around point A.
Added a bit of cover outside of red's first spawn.

Fixed missing decal sign for sign pointing red towards point B.
Fixed blue's second spawn resupply not working.
Added a third point, in between the preexisting point A and B, deming it the new point B.
Red now has two separate forward spawns to help reduce their walk times, totaling 3 different spawnrooms for them (for each point).
Blue now 3 spawn areas, the previous starting spawn room, a forward spawn within that room for point B attack (like pl_upward), and a newly revamped middle spawn that is for point C attack which is in front of point B.

Minor changes to the layout to better accommodate the new point B

Added a handful of shield charge ramps for the heck of it.
Fixed the gap in between fences found on Point A, also extended the fence line a bit to provide a bit more cover
Fixed floating hay found near the big ol' gate.
Relocated a fire braiser en route to point B a bit to make it less safe of an option to use
Added new cut through near the main gate

Technical: Moved all action logic for changing events in the game into vscript

Red and blue have forward spawns now (Red when point a isn't caped, and blue when a is capped) to help reduce walk times for both teams

Completely reworked the point B to account for new forward spawn

Re textured some of first point near blue spawn to have blue textures (was getting sick of the red all over the ground)
Fixed texture alignment in water texture
Adjusted first point's small health pack and ammo to reduce the amount of space the cover gives
Fixed charge point for demos getting stuck on A
Fixed a freaky floating torch
Significantly reduced the height and size of the trigger_hurts found on top of the braziers
Reduced the amount of setup time (60 seconds -> 30 seconds)

Reworked the underpass leading from blue spawn to point A to make it not a straight path, now has a one way drop down

Moved the resupply cabinet in Red's last spawn room to not be in front of the doorway (hopefully making camping and spamming with it not as powerful)

Flag now has 5 seconds of time after it has been dropped before it fully resets back to base
After point A is captured, the flag is disabled for 5 seconds before being able to be picked up again
Packed the medivalizer vscript properly this time!

Changed the capture time of the last point to be shorter, no longer 30 seconds (without 2x capture rate) and is now 10 seconds (again without 2x capture rate)

Added spectator cameras

Red's first spawn room should have its visualizers removed properly