hinden a23

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hinden a23

a frontline payload map where you blow up a battleship

Who knew you could have so much summer fun in a war zone!
aka Kemptown junior
"Muddy: y'know i find it funny that you call it 'Kemptown junior' when I'm pretty sure it's larger than Kemptown"

Rest in peace: Sally Marie Giedd 1950 - 2018

The USS Hinden is a hydra class ship with the capability of shooting cars 50 miles, so you know what I want you to do... SINK THAT DAMN THING
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Are we "b1" yet?

    the answer is no, I've been on a long hiatus after the last test in may (had to deal with a family breakup, not going into details) but now im putting all my focus into hinden until its rc now -changed church stairs to a 45degree flank -extended...
  2. The time has come

    Hinden has had a 2-year update cycle and we are nearing completion, for the whole of this year, I will be doing major and minor gameplay changes to the map, the map is also being dedicated to a long time family member that has passed away Sally...
  3. The Muddy update!

    pl_hinden_a21 Credit : @Muddy * remade about 60% of the map from scratch * moved RED's and BLU's forward spawns around a bit * modified spawn times * a bunch of other stuff

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